Experimental Works

Various projects made over short-term events like game jams.

Paw Patrol TTRPG

A way to enjoy family time during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Platform: Tabletop – Event: Covid-19 lockdown (2020)

My son and I both needed new activities after 2 weeks of lockdown, so I tried to combine 2 things we love: RPG for me, and Paw Patrol for him. Rules are extremely simple, just enough to support the storytelling with the thrill of the die roll:

The column with the most dice triggers the following: 🥵 = complication, 😄 = success, 🤩 = critical success.

For mission prompts, we draw 1-2 characters tokens from the pile, use our imagination, borrow ideas from the many episodes we've watched together, or even roll a bunch of Rory's Storycubes, and that’s it!

My Role

  • I designed the game system, and gathered a bunch of visual assets from the internet to print and play!


A fast-paced local multiplayer tactical.

Platform: PC – Event: Personal Jam (2014)

Official Selection - IndieCade East 2014

The game plays in real-time, allowing players to switch from one character to another, using different classes—Assault, Support, Sniper, and Medic—to best their opponents in ultra fast-paced rounds, like a SWAT team storming a building.

My Role

  • I designed the game system, user experience and visuals.
  • I also handle the marketing side of things, showing the game at IndieCade East in February 2014.


An endless runner played with your brain.

Platform: PC + Neurosky Headset – Event: Global Game Jam (2012)

Mindloop is an endless runner inspired by Canabalt and the GGJ12 theme "Ouroboros".
The player is inside a wheel that continually spins faster and faster. Parts of the track are floating around, broken, and require the player to put them back in place by being in a specific mindstate.

My Role

  • I co-designed the game system, the user experience (interface, navigation, game feel) and visuals.
  • I was the main test subject, training heavily to master the tech / gameplay.


New worlds to explore, at your fingertips.

Platform: Mobile – Event: ArtGame Weekend #2 (2011)

Colossus is a god-game where you explore a miniature world by walking on your smartphone's touchscreen with your fingers.

My Role

  • I pitched the core interaction of the game.
What if we could walk around with our fingers as the legs of a colossus?
  • I prototyped the interaction with sheets of paper duct-taped together and looping around a small table:

The paper prototype went on to become a visitor's book / visual exquisite corpse after the event, where people would draw things to form a paper world to explore, just like the digital version.

  • I co-designed the game systems (people & environmental behaviors).
Paul Vauvrey

Paul Vauvrey